Geofence App Ios (geofencing notification app) (Full Applications)

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Demo backend:

user: admin
password: admin
Demo app downloading:

I’m uploading to Apple appstore – Comming soon

Refer to below link for Android Version:
Android Version

Backend support both platform android and ios.
    Backend easy to add more feature

  • Laravel 4 framework,
  • Bootstrap3
  • Angular JS


Geofencing introduce

Geofencing is a location-based service that sends messages to smartphone users who enter a defined geographic area. Some companies send promotions to customers’ smartphones when they enter a store, mall or neighborhood.

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Geo-Fencing allows an advertiser to select a geographic point using latitude and longitude information and then to create a virtual “fence” around that point of a given radius.

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For example, an message can pinpoint a store, then deliver a specific ad to anyone who comes within a 200 meter radius of that branch they will get the message.

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Geo-fencing App has many uses including:


A restaurant, store, coffee shop, bar, etc can trigger a text message with the day’s specials to an opt-in customer when the customer enters a defined geographical area.

Fleet management

When a truck driver breaks from his route, the dispatcher receives an alert.

Human resource management

An employee smart card will send an alert to security if an employee attempts to enter an unauthorized area.

Compliance management

Network logs record geo-fence crossings to document the proper use of devices and their compliance with established rules.

Asset management

An RFID tag on a pallet can send an alert if the pallet is removed from the warehouse without authorization.

Law enforcement

An ankle bracelet can alert authorities if an individual under house arrest leaves the premises.

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